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POP DILDO - Couples Dildos by Fun Factory POP DILDO - Couples Dildos by Fun Factory
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Putting the FUN in Function! With it’s patented technology, POP lets you mimic an ejaculation anytime and anyway you desire!

Ideal uses for POP:

  • For Men with Erectile Dysfunction or Physical Disabilities
  • Women with Vaginal Dryness –serves as a self-lubricator
  • Same Sex Couples Trying to Conceive at Home
  • Transgender (FTM or MTF)
  • Mixed-Status Couples (serodiscordant-HIV pos/neg)
  • Great for Strap-On Play:
    • Pegging
    • BDSM/Fetish Play 
    • Gender Role Play
    • Swingers/Poly Couples

POP can be used with:

  • Lubricants
  • Water
  • Sperm
  • Anything you want! (Please be Safe- Know what you can put inside your body for Internal Play vs Not Safe for use internally)
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With the double dildo SHARE, couples can share thrilling moments and soar together into exquisite heights of ecstasy.

SHARE is the toy for the active woman, who knows what she wants - to give love and share passion. Made of 100% silicone it is flexible without losing the necessary firmness, gentle to the body, easy to clean and hypoallergenic. Its stable base makes it handy to use and suitable for harnesses. Whether cooled or warmed, in the bathtub or on terra firma - diverse stimulation is guaranteed.

Special Features

  • Comfortable handling
  • Good hold
  • Vaginal and anal stimulation
  • Easy to insert
  • Pleasures the active and passive partner simultaneously
  • Scooped base provides hold without reducing necessary freedom of movement
  • Strong, natural shape
  • Suitable for harnesses
  • Lengths of inserted parts

Active part: 10 cm - Passive part: 16 cm

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