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Keith Haring Tenga Egg Party

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Lets get the party started! Easy to use, fun and disposable. Special Edition Tenga x Keith Haring.

The Fine details ascend from a mellow stimulation, building up slowely for a slow, decadent stimulation.

Easy to use, fun and disposable. Can be used solo or with a partner. Each egg has a unique interior to give a different pleasure.

Tenga x Keith Haring Speacial Edition Special Edition Tenga x Keith Haring products serve to bring sexual health and wellness to the forefront of mainstream acceptability, to generate activism and awareness towards AIDS worldwide.

Super Stretch Sensations for Men!
The super stretchable elastomer concealed within each of these discreet EGGs expands drastically for a snug fit regardless of your size. A fantastic gift for a friend and a perfect travel companion!

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