Demoniq Black Rose Veronique

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Extremely erotic and provocative set in black, consisting of a dress with chains and strings of chains that can be worn across both the front and back.

The Dress is small, black and appears to be a classic, but look at its back to see the erotic allure of this proposal. Thanks to the flexible properties of the material, it perfectly adapts to the body, sensually emphasizing its shape. On the back the entire length dress combines the emphasis of the shape of the back and buttocks with chains that appetizingly reveal the naked body….

A scanty and provocative thong made of flexible material of the "wet look" type and silver chains. The perfect complement for Veronique dresses.

The set comprises of:

  • Dress with chain
  • Chain thongs
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: S/M  L/XL
  • Materials: polyester 95%, elastane 5%
  • Chain: 2% silver,  3% copper,  95% steel


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