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Created specifically for simultaneous labial and clitoral stimulation. JimmyJane FORM 5 features two supple wings to flutter against the labia, while the Pleasure Dome in the center delivers powerful vibrations directly to the clitoris. There is no other product on the market that hits all three at once. FORM 5 can also provide pleasure for him.

For her, for him, or for us, FORM 5 takes pleasure to the third power. Two micro-thin, supple wings provide all-encompassing sensation, while the firm pleasure dome in the center features a motor right at its tip to deliver serious vibration.


  • Supple, Spreadable Wings – Span sensitive areas with a fluttering sensation
  • Pleasure Dome – A powerful motor at the tip for rumbling vibration
  • Comfortable Size – Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Intuitive Controls – 5 speeds, 4 pulsation patterns, endless pleasure possibilities
  • Waterproof – Bath-friendly and completely washable with no leaky adaptor jack
  • Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free – Medical grade, platinum silicone and stainless steel
  • Cordless USB Rechargeable – USB cord included
  • Quiet – For ultimate discretion
  • Travel-Ready – Good to go with convenient button lock
  • High Performance Lithium Ion Battery – Runs over 4 hours on single charge
  • Three Year Limited Warranty – Our commitment to quality

Potential Uses

For her:
Place FORM 5 directly on the vulva so the Pleasure Dome provides strong clitoral stimulation while the wings encompass the labia. You can also cup a nipple with FORM 5. The Pleasure Dome will stimulate the nipple while the wings encompass the areola.

For him:
Place FORM 5 at the base of the penis with the wings hugging the shaft. Using plenty of lubricant to keep things smooth, stroke FORM 5 along the bottom of the penis along the frenulum. You can also place FORM 5 underneath the scrotum or perineum and let it vibrate freely. Unlike most male masturbators, FORM 5 can be used when the penis is hard or soft.

For us:
Get creative; FORM 5 is a perfect addition to foreplay and oral sex. The pleasure possibilities are endless.

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