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Pump Worx Digital Power Pump

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A deluxe, professional quality, user friendly tool that helps build impressively strong, hard erections, the Pump Worx Digital Power Pump is as perfect for pump beginners as it is for enhancement connoisseurs.

Designed classically, the pump consists of a clear, graduated cylinder, a soft, airtight sleeve to ensure maximum results, and a simple trigger handle that can easily be operated using two fingers. The stand-out on this particular pump is the digital pressure gauge, which not only lets you know how much pressure (PSI) is inside the tube, but once you've found the perfect amount, you'll know exactly what the number is so you can easily get back to it.

Any penis pump should be used with caution, please follow basic safety instructions to avoid injury. Sample (.34oz/10ml) tubes of Lube, Erection Cream, Thickening Cream and Toy Cleaner are included along with a supple cock ring.

Total length is 8 inches (20.5cm), width is 3 inches (8cm).

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