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Tenga 3D Pile - Masturbators by Tenga

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An ultra unique masturbator from innovative Tenga, this Japanese designed self love must-have perfectly combines aesthetics with undeniably pleasurable functionality. A pure white sleeve is textured in never before seen 3 dimensional patterns- you can see see exactly what you'll be feeling, as what seems to be the exterior, at first glance, is actually the interior.

Once flipped inside out, you'll be faced with a smooth, nondescript surface that hides the true purpose discreetly within. The Pile version is; quoting Tenga, described as 'triangular protrusions packed tightly at the base and spaced out at the tip bring around a gradient of stimulation providing an escalating sensation of soft and hard pleasure.' In laymen's terms, raised, soft triangles will rub and massage you as you stroke, they're specifically spaced out for maximum stimulation that you'll need to feel to believe.

Aside from the intense texture, the Pile is close-ended, which allows exciting suction to build up naturally as you thrust. Made from safe, soft, antibacterial elastomer, this nonporous material is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, plus, it warms up quickly to body temperature as you play, providing a feel that almost exactly mimics real skin. You'll be able to use both water and silicone based lubricants with your Pile, just avoid oil based products as they can degrade the elastomer over time.

You'll adore how easily hits masturbator stores away on the included stand, which also keeps the sleeve upright so it dries faster after cleaning. Tenga 3D masturbators are 4 1/2 inches long, with a good bit of stretch, accommodating most men. It's about 6 inches around, with a width of 2 inches.

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