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Tenga Hole Warmer - Batteries, Chargers & Power Adapters

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Warm up the inside of your Egg, Flip Hole or one of the many innovative masturbators from Tenga before enjoying with the Hole Warmer. Although the name leaves little need for explanation (it warms the hole of your masturbator!), using this great little pleasure accessory requires a few simple steps.

First, click the metal disc inside the liquid. You'll immediately see the liquid begin to harden and turn cloudy as it crystallizes; the heat will be instant, as well. Then, just slip it into the opening of your masturbator of choice so it's fully inside, and leave for a few minutes. Remove the Hole Warmer before using your toy, and to be safe, test the temperature with a finger to make sure it's comfortable. Your Warmer will keep its temperature for approximately 20 minutes.

To re-use, immerse it in boiling water, the crystals inside will return to a liquid state, which can then be re-warmed by clicking the disc again. Good for up to 30 uses, the Hole Warmer will enhance your masturbators for a good long while.



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